Our Principles & Values

We will work together in a non-judgmental and collaborative manner, while respecting your decisions and the fact that you are ultimately responsible for your actions.

We will work together on a mutually agreed-upon agenda to ensure that the intended goals and timeframes are met.

Clear objectives will be established for both organisational and individual coaching via the use of questions that are both supportive and demanding, all with the purpose of increasing self-awareness. To preserve mutual trust and challenge in a friendly manner, we promote introspection and criticism.

Our values:

Relationships of Confidence

In order to be a good coach, you need to be able to establish trust with your clients by treating them with respect and consistency when they show signs of positive involvement. Dedicated to putting the customer first.


Providing honest criticism and demonstrating belief in the person while honouring his or her responsibilities are essential components of effective coaching.

Challenge for a Healthy Mindset, Free of Criticism

Supportive, constructive and timely challenge founded on two-way feedback encourages the person to bring in larger viewpoints.


Belief and potential determine results and techniques for achieving desired achievement through a greater understanding of oneself through self-awareness.


Make the most of the opportunity to learn for everyone involved. Solving problems by reflecting on the past and drawing on that knowledge to make bold changes and take bold actions.