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Our Coaching Services

Coaching services for businesses, executives, and leaders throughout the Midlands and the South West of England.

Coaching for Business and Organizational Development

In our previous work with businesses and organisations, we have gained valuable knowledge in developing important employees through coaching in order to achieve improved individual and organisational success.

Individualized, one-on-one personal coaching

We are experts in one-on-one personal coaching for a wide range of problems and outcomes.

Coaching a group of people

We build coaching settings that are distinctive and productive, in which teams will push and grow to attain their full potential, while also establishing growth and determining targets.

About Espatrek

In her role as a Learning and Development specialist, Rachael has a wealth of expertise. Her love of people development led her to a career in Learning and Development after years of successful senior management positions in a commercial blue-chip organisation. Previously, she worked as a consultant and recently served as a senior learning and development officer in the NHS and a non-profit.

Because of her experience as a qualified coach, Lorraine has worked with numerous high-level executives at both large corporations and start-ups. It is her job to help executives and business owners handle the most challenging people issues, which are frequently the’soft’ skills of getting employees to deliver exactly what or how firms want them to. There are several ways to do this, including training your own employees and finding the proper individuals. As an Executive Coach, Organization Development and Assessment Specialist, and Customer Service Expert, Lorraine has extensive experience. Graduate career coaching

What our clients say

David Mitchell, Executive Director

Organisational & Business Coaching

Over the last six years, I’ve collaborated with Lorraine on strategic people programmes, recruiting tactics, performance cultures, and as my own personal coach and mentor. Lorraine is a consistent performer who has a strong ability to break down problems and assist others in seeing a clear route forward. As my coach, Lorraine has assisted me in not just elevating my professional status, but also enabling me to have a more clear general approach on life!! Lorraine comes highly recommended by me without reservation.

Jimmy Steer, a former CEO

Organisational & Business Coaching

Lorraine and I have been working together for many years, both as a consultant and as an employer who has engaged her services. The best in people and teams are brought out by Lorraine’s enthusiastic engagement and straightforward criticism. Lorraine is a seasoned professional and top-notch coach who works effectively with individuals and groups. She provided me with invaluable assistance, ethics, and professionalism during my time as a CEO.

For an Assessment Centre and Selection

Individualized, one-on-one personal coaching

In my opinion, the coaching sessions that I had with Rachael had a significant role in my ability to be successful in beginning a new job. In addition to conducting comprehensive research, Rachael was able to assist me in preparing the best evidence to present during the whole selection process, including the assessment sessions and the interview. Because to her patience and ability to boost my confidence, I was completely prepared, and as a consequence, I was able to pursue a new and meaningful job.

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